Lesson #5489 in getting media sympathy: violate human rights worse than your neighbor.

What the f*%k is up with the media in the last 12 months? Anywhere there’s a conflict happening, the reporting is as arse-backwards as it could possibly be, if not more so. Case in point, the current fighting happening in Sri Lanka between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers. I am yet to see a news story that doesn’t demonify SL while glossing over the TT. Sri Lanka attacked a hospital, they injured and killed women and children.

I’m sorry, but the only reason not only the women and children were attacked as well as the hospital in the first place was because the Tigers set up their base of operations INSIDE the hospital, using the women, children, sick and injured as human f*%king shields! That’s a horrendous act. It’s low. It’s despicable. It’s cowardly. It’s pathetic. It’s a MUCH worse violation of human rights than what Sri Lanka are doing, yet it’s only Sri Lanka getting demonified for it! WHAT THE F*%K IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???

I don’t give a rats arse how bad it is that Sri Lanka attacked because comparitively the act of hiding where they did and using innocent civilians as they have done is a hundred times worse.

It’s the same with Israel/Palestine in their conflict earlier. Hamas regularly send salvo after salvo at Israel trying to provoke them, yet every time Israel fire back they are the ones demonified. In the latest invasion of Palestine by Israel, it was as a direct response to regular attacks on Israel despite cease fires being in place. Again, Hamas hid troops inside peoples homes using civilians as human shields. They set up their base of operations in hospitals using the sick and injured as human shields. They booby-trapped hospitals, schools, and peoples homes trying to lure Israeli soldiers inside often resulting in civilian deaths as the traps went off or were detonated prior to soldiers going in. Who copped all the blame in the media and calls for humans rights violations? Was it the ones who set up the innocent civilians to be injured and went out of their way to ensure innocent people were between them and the guns? No, it was Israel!

Damned f*%king straight I’m pissed off, and with good reason. I understand the people of Palestine want their independance, same for those in the area where the Tamils are, but the actions of the Tigers and Hamas are so horrible, despicable and cowardly they defy words. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of going up against the human rights courts, yet by all accounts they appear to be getting off scot-free, and it just makes me sick.

One thought on “Lesson #5489 in getting media sympathy: violate human rights worse than your neighbor.

  1. wow – excellent rant 🙂 i learned something about sri lanka and no longer need to do an angry rant on the middle east 🙂

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