Australia and New Zealand Atheist Blogroll

Australia and New Zealand Atheist Blogroll

With the upcoming Rise of Atheism Conference in 2010, my good friend Sean the Blogonaut noticed a distinct lack of gathering amongst the atheist bloggers in Australia and New Zealand.  To rectify this he has kicked off the Australian and New Zealand Atheist Blogroll.

The purpose of the blogroll is to gather together Atheists and Agnostics not only here in Australia but also across the puddle to our brothers and sisters in New Zealand under one banner, as well as network our members together as one to help raise awareness and a contingent for the conference.

The details of joining are available at Sean’s site, and already we have such highly asteemed people such as The Podblack Cat, Dave the Happy Singer(dotcom), Sean the Blogonaut (of course), OzAtheist, Drunken Madman and I Like Portello, all of whom I feel very humbled to be amongst.

So if you’re an active blogger, Atheist or Agnostic, and from the arse end of the world then head to Sean’s site immediately and sign up.  Then either adorn your site with the logo, or if your site supports it (wordpress hosted sites like mine don’t) add the blogroll javascript to your site so you can directly link to everyone in the roll.

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