Scientology offering refunds?

A few days ago in Australia, independent senator Nick Xenophon gave a little speech about the cult of scientology accusing them of being a criminal organisation.  Podblack does some nice coverage of it if you would like to read more.

This has put the media in to a spin and the cult of scientology in to damage control overdrive.  As yet we have not seen their usual tactic of digging or manufacturing dirt on the person to discredit and ruin them personally, however there have been a number of interviews.

The Channel 7 morning program Sunrise had a representative on from the cult of scientology this morning, and she had some interesting things to say.  The most surprising of these, is that if people are unsatisfied or leave the cult, they offer full refunds.  Audio here. (Right-click, save as)

That is right everyone.  After the hundreds of horror stories of people losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cult, going broke, being ostracised and having their lives destroyed, it appears the cult now offers refunds, in full!

This spokesperson has just opened the cult of scientology up to a barrage of compensation claims, and I certainly hope they come thick, fast, and most importantly publicly.  I would love to see just how many (if any) of these requests they honour.  I am expecting the number to be somewhere in the realm of between zero and none.   The methods they use to weasel out of these request for compensation will be highly amusing to say the very least.

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