Kent Hovind is a friend of mine.

(post title taken from here).  Kent Hovind has found a way to get back in to the public’s attention again, and as always it isn’t for a good reason.  If he isn’t making a laughing stock of himself, it seems he’s making a laughing stock of himse … wait.  Ok, so maybe there’s only one thing he’s good at.

If you don’t know who he is, he is most famous for being a bible literalist and young earth creationist.  He’s a self proclaimed doctor through an unaccredited “university” (read: diploma mill) as well as a self proclaimed science teacher (though his employment history does not reflect this).

His doctorial dissertation has been kept exceedingly secret.  This is odd as the standard practise for universities globally is to make such dissertations publicly available.  Both he and his “university” has consistently refused to allow it to be made public despite numerous requests  for reprints or scholarly inquiry.  That is until now.

The fine folk over at WikiLeaks.Org have managed to get their hands on it.  The popularity of wikileaks though means this file is extremely slow to download.  Despite coming in at a mere 2.1MB it still took me close to an hour to download it, so I have decided to mirror it here and here.

More on Kent Hovind’s history for those unfamiliar with the man. He used to do tours of America preaching against evolution and that the world is only 6000 years old.  According to him the floods of the bible were all true, the water came from an ice shield that was around the earth then mysteriously vanished within an instant (carving the Grand Canyon in the process).  He demonstrates a complete and utter lack of understanding of any and every field of science from biology to chemistry, physics, astronomy to geology.  You name it and he bastardizes it beyond what even the folk over at The Onion could come up with.

A number of years ago he was thrown in gaol for tax evasion.  He made claims that the only person his money belonged to was god and not the IRS.  This, despite his bible literalism and the sayings of jesus about paying unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  Oh that christian cherry picking.

His son Eric is running the evangelism business while he is behind bars and doing just as bad a job when it comes to logic, science, and anything even remotely resembling making any sense. It really is amasing how anybody could be stupid enough to listen to these people.

One thought on “Kent Hovind is a friend of mine.

  1. On occasion, I search “hovind” on Youtube. Unless the video is mirrored by someone pointing out the flaws of their *snort* logic, their hits are extremely low. Some 18 months of having a video often yields hits in the low, low hundreds.

    Heck, I post videos for a very niche market of Blender modelers and animators, and I get a few thousand ina few weeks. I’m encouraged that my meager artistic ramblings are more popular than creationist drivel by a factor of (at least) ten!

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