Another apple release, another lovers vs haters battle.

The cult of mac have released another product today, and as expected the news sites are filled with information about it as though it’s the only thing that has happened in the past month. It’s amazing how Apple seem to be the only tech company who can drum up the attention normally reserved for celebrities and drama queens.  Even massacres and natural disasters struggle at times.

Along with all the media attention, the public has also gone in to a frenzy. Once again tied between the fanboys who think it’s the greatest thing since the last Apple release/the previous Apple release/the previous Apple release/rinse, repeat/sliced bread, and the Apple haters who like to counter the rabid Apple fans with equally rabid opposition.

What neither side seems to understand is that Apple products, like just about all products (IT and non-IT) have their place. They all have their purpose.  When the MacBook Air came out we had the same thing, many people saying it was too limited, others saying it suited them perfectly.  I’m in the camp of it being too limited for me, but just because it doesn’t suit me doesn’t mean I should be running around all but trolling those to whom it does suit.

Netbooks (Linux or Windows) are equally unsuitable for me.  You don’t see me (or just about anybody for that matter) going rabid at netbook supporters about their limitations and flaws.  No, those who they don’t suit just move on and get a product better suited to their needs.

So Apple haters out there: Shut the fuck up.  Srsly. There’s no need to cover the apple fanboys in the juices of your spit, vile and faeces. They’re already doing a good enough job covering themselves in the juices of their own circle jerk.

Most of all, let those of us who are nothing more than impassionate consumers actually get by without having to go ducking for an umbrella to protect us from both sides. Let us actually use a product that suits us when it comes along without having to constantly duck and weave between the collateral juices of your war.  This message goes equally to the rabid pro-blackberry/anti-iphone people out there.  We don’t care. Srsly.

4 thoughts on “Another apple release, another lovers vs haters battle.

  1. I have to agree with you there. While I’m probably more a Mac guy now than I am a Winbowz guy, I still like to look at things critically.

    For example, I work on a Mac as I find it easier to get around the interface than it is to get around Winbows (I used to be a strictly windows guy). If I want to play games, I boot up my desktop pc with XP on it and pwn noobs there.

    Everything has its place. That being said, if Apple and Microsoft grew up a bit and made all software fully compatible I would most definitely move over to strictly Mac.

    I can’t really comment much on Linux because I don’t use it much at all. From what I have used it seems good.

    In regards to the iPad, I think it will be fantastic for sitting on the couch/bed/bath/mechanical fuck machine and watching a movie or reading a book. iPad friggin fails hard in the ass when it comes to enhancing my work. Why they chose to go with the idea of an amped up iPod Touch I do not know.

    Meh that’s my rant done.

  2. Excellent post. The mac/windoze thing is just as foolish as any of those rivalries, like Holden/ford. While I’m definitely an Apple fanboi, I think I’m a reasonably critical one – f’rinstance it took me a long time (and mms, natch) to get an iPhone. While as a fanboi I am naturally overcome with iLust for the awfully-named iPad, I will let that dissipate entirely, before making any sort of decision about actually getting one.

    … And I might wait for 2.0 as well 😉

  3. I was accused of being a very negative person by one of my co-workers because I wasn’t excited about the iPad. I want to see what it does with my own eyes, how it works in the real world and how it differs from the iPod Touch and the Netbook before I declare it the best thing ever.

    Good to know that wanting to do more investigation before I decide if I like a product makes me a bad person.

    I do know however, that I hate the name. Who at Apple honestly thought it was a good name?

  4. Yeah, out of all the ebook readers now available it’s the one I like the most. I’d like to know how the screen holds up under various light conditions though and what kind of DRM restrictions will be put on the ebooks.

    There’s also other things I’d prefer to get first, like a decent camera and a new laptop so well over a year away. Having trouble even keeping up with podcasts atm anyway so no rush. 🙂

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