Anti vaccination liars caught out again.

One of the more common lies spouted by the anti-vaccination liars is that vaccines are often pushed on people with no information about what the vaccine is, how it works, or possible side effects of them.  They often claim to be “pro information and pro choice”, saying they’re just giving the often hidden information in regards to vaccines.

Well, an email went around the office I’m working in today offering the yearly Influenza vaccine free to staff.  Lets have a quick look at the information given in that email and see just how fair the anti-vaxxers claims are.  Keep in mind this is just the annual flu booster, it’s not even one of the “dangerous” ones like the H1N1, Pertussis, or MMR vaccines that leaves anti-vaxxers running for the hills.

  1. Fluvax 2010 product info.
  2. Flu Vax Consent form 2010.
  • Claim: People are not told anything about the vaccine.
    • The first document is the product information.  Already that’s one anti-vaxxer lie down.  Information IS given.  Three and a half pages worth at that.  The very first section summarises what information is to be found throughout the document.
  • Claim: People are not informed as to how they work.
    • Most of the first page of this document is dedicated to just that.
  • Claim: People are only told of the positives to vaccines, they are not informed of the associated risks.
    • The fourth sentence in the document reads “All medicines, including vaccines, have risks and benefits”.  Before you finish the first page it is already in to the risks, telling people what precautions they should take.  This lasts until 2/3rds of the way through the second page, then starts up again on the third page including 2/3rds of a page under the title “Side effects”.  That’s roughly half the document alone talking just about precautions, risks and side effects.
    • There’s also a consent form (very similar to the one I had to fill out for the H1N1 shot) which is almost entirely risks and precautions. How can these people possibly not see it?
  • Claim: It is impossible to find the ingredients in a vaccine.
    • Page four under “Product description”, the second sub heading is “ingredients” where they are all listed.

That’s zero for four in their claims so far.  I’m sure others will be able to (or have more time) to find more claims proven wrong that I’ve  missed.

One thought on “Anti vaccination liars caught out again.

  1. In the US, it’s federal law that anytime a vaccine* is given, the recipient must also receive a standard “Vaccine Information Statement” with similar content as what you describe, although ours has simplified language and less detail. There are dozens of translated versions to make sure that even if you don’t speak English, you can get all the important information about the vaccine you’re receiving. The law even anticipates the need to use videotapes or audio recordings for blind or illiterate patients/parents. Very sly way to run a coverup.

    * There are a few vaccines for which this isn’t required, mainly the ones that aren’t routinely given, like yellow fever.

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