Catchup #2: Catholic Church supports Pedophilia.

The catholic church is reeling at the moment from a disaster of their own making.  For centuries now it has been well known that the catholic church has pedophiles in its ranks.  It has been well known that they often just move priests around rather than booting them out.  This is all starting to catch up with them now as people are coming out left right and centre all around the world telling their stories.

The catholic church are pulling out any and all stocks to try and quieten this down.  Blaming anyone and everyone they can from atheists to secularism, technology, homosexuals, and even the jews.  They’re behaving like a little child “It wasn’t me, it was dolly”.  They’re pleading for people to not be so upset, to give them a break, let them handle it internally.  They’re calling these vile rumours.  They’re not.

The facts of the matter are, they have many pedophiles in their ranks.  They do NOT take appropriate action.  They pay hush-money to the victims, and move the perpetrators to another parish.  NO other organisation does this.  Any other organisation would normally pay hush money to protect the organisation itself, but kick the perpetrator out on their arse and let any civil/criminal action take place against them.  The actions the church has been taking in protecting the perpetrators is horrendous and completely unacceptable.  It is disgusting what they have been doing, and it is about time they pay for their horrid behaviour.

The pope is not innocent in all of this.  While he was just a cardinal he himself was one of the people involved in silencing victims and protecting the perpetrators.  This was known before he became pope.  This makes him a very evil person, doing such inhumane things and now he’s the leader of this organisation?  It says a lot about them.

The catholic church, the vatican, is a criminal organisation.  They behave illegally and need to be brought to justice.  That’s all there is to it.  These are not rumours, these are facts.  Laws have been broken.  Justice must be seen.

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