Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

Today, the 20th of May 2010 is International Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.  You can get the full story at the Wikipedia page, but in summary it all started off by the South Park episodes I speak about in an earlier post (go take a look).  A cartoonist called Molly Norris decided to have a little fun with it and drew the cartoon shown to the left.  She spread it around a few prominent social networking celebrities and celebrity bloggers to give people a laugh.

Here’s my drawing of Mohammed, it’s the one I drew for the South Park episode.

Joe Wellington then created a facebook page with quickly grew to have a few thousand followers.  By this stage Molly started realising the implications of what this could mean.  It was originally intended to just be a one-off cartoon, to give people a laugh and point out the importance of free speech.  She decided to disassociate herself from it as it had grown out of control.

Joe Wellington then decided to do the same thing due to the crude nature of many of the images being uploaded and the anger being spouted in the expected facebook protest groups.  His page has since disappeared from facebook.  So the two people who inspired Everybody Draw Mohammed Day have both disassociated themselves from it, but it has still gone ahead.

So go through all the images, and create your own even if it’s after the day.  The more the merrier I say.  If you need some inspiration you can visit the Wikipedia page, Facebook event, Blogspot page, or better yet you can check out Skepticator’s collation of it all.

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