ANZ Obstetricians to back female ritualistic mutilation.

This is just horrific.  The Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians is about to discuss backing the mutilation of women according to 2000 year old goat herder’s barbaric magical rituals.

Their “justification” for this (and I use the term lightly, there is no justification for such horrific non-consensual barbarism) is that it will minimise back-yard amateur illegal procedures which leaves girls scarred for life.

Not that this will be any better.  It’s a horrific thing to do to young girls.  It often leaves women without the ability to feel sexual pleasure and is just another way to demean and put them down further.  Along with the burka and other such bullshit this is just segregation and discrimination.  It’s bigoted sexism that should have been wiped out in the west decades ago, rather than being supported.

Rather than going backwards as a society to appease these people, we need to bring them up to current societal moralistic levels.

“Reasons given by practising populations include religion, despite the Koran not requiring it, and that it can help maintain cleanliness and health.”

… just like there’s dozens of 1600 year old scriptures containing depictions of Mohammed, and drawing him seemed to be fine and not raise any ire until some people decided to work up the muslim community with the “Danish” cartoons.  Just like the lines quoted from the bible against homosexuality and abortion usually have very little to do with either, or when put in context of the surrounding sentence (let alone lines, paragraphs and story) say the exact opposite.

I am very VERY angry that this is even being considered, most of what you see here has been re-written about 3 times as I try to refrain from having every second word being a curse.

Edit: Thanks to Podblack we have word that this is not true.  It’s typical bad reporting stating the opposite of the truth, all stemming from one poor misquote.

2 thoughts on “ANZ Obstetricians to back female ritualistic mutilation.

  1. I wish people would consider that making something illegal doesn’t make it unethical (nor does it stop people doing it for that matter), just like making something legal doesn’t make it ethical. I have recently had a ‘conversation’ on this topic with someone after the AAP released their new recommendations on FGM. The article you link to states that people are still engaging in FGM. Given the options of, what is basically surgery, either a) at home or b) by a trained doctor I know which I think to be the better one. If it’s anything like the AAPs recommendations the Doctors won’t just be saying ‘Oh OK then, come on through’, they’ll have to talk to the parents, and the people involved and try and stop them doing it as much as they are able. The other benefit of such a law change is that it will allow better monitoring of what the rates are like. I felt the AAPs argument for the decision, and possibly this group as well, was really weakened due to the lack of data they had to suggest their approach was better than what was alread in place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think FGM is abhorrent. However I’m also fully aware that making something illegal doesn’t stop it happening, the latter of which I feel should be the actual goal.

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