Scientology massively underpaying staff.

If you watched the videos from my last article on the Cult of Scientology, you would have heard side-mentions of people being paid little to nothing by the cult while being heavily coerced if not completely forced to work anywhere from 40 to 100 hours a week for the cult.

Now thanks to an earlier investigation by the ABC TV show 4Corners, the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman has opened up an investigation in to the cult to look at these claims.  Details of the investigation come from Lateline in the video after the cut.

As stated, the Ombudsman has looked at them before.  I don’t see how they’ll be able to do anything other than look at staged work with specifically selected people.  I am under the impression they do not have the power or the resources to do surprise inspections so they’ll be giving the Cult plenty of warning prior to their visits, and only looking at documentation requested rather than seized.  As with many regulatory bodies in Australia, I fear there will be little to nothing they can do simply due to lack of resources.

The Cult of Scientology will be able to pull the wool over the ombudsman’s eyes and hide behind the contracts their million year contracts that staff are forced to sign.  These contracts are a joke, but if people are suckered in they don’t really care, they’re fooled and manipulated enough to not care about the legalese which the Cult can then hide behind.  They use very heavy pressure tactics to make people submissive and not complain or stand up for their rights.

The more people are made aware of what really goes on behind the Cult of Scientology the better.  Please, let people know.  Pass the message on.

Thanks yet again to Steve Cannane and Lateline for this report.

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