Christians choosing hate over love.

Clover Moore has recently made changes to a same sex adoption bill that will allow religious adoption agencies to continue to discriminate against homosexual couples and refuse them service for no reason other than their sexuality.

At the moment in Australia, only the ACT and Western Australia allow same sex couples to adopt.  NSW is currently in the process of amending the state laws in an attempt to bring NSW in to that list as well.  Unfortunately, religious groups are showing their bigotry and “christian love” again in their forcing of certain exemptions as well as their opposition to the bill. 

Christian Love: Blatant hypocrisy when it comes to love or care.  An outward display at, or claims of love, while all actions show vile, bigotry, and vitreous hatred.  Not restricted to christians or even the religious, but in my experience most demonstrated and blatantly used by them hence my attributing the name.

  1. Claiming all life is sacred while a) destroying abortion clinics b) Refusing abortion to a woman despite it being the only way to save her life c) Claiming stem-cell study is the killing of embryos and babies when the alternative is to unceremoniously throw the embryos in the bin.  Claiming
  2. Claiming the moral high ground while a) not granting the same rights to fellow human beings based on their sexuality, sex or colour.
  3. … the list goes on, I could be here all day.

What some religious adoption agencies are doing is threatening to shut down should this bill pass without the amendment allowing them to continue to discriminate.  In doing this they are essentially holding the children hostage in this situation.  They would prefer to see the children go homeless, without families, without love and without hope than go against their own bigotry.  How can they call this “love”?  How can they claim to care while being so callous?

Their actions are anything but without precedent too.  Similar laws were passed in the UK in 2007, and it resulted in many christian adoption agencies closing just as they are threatening to do here.

“Now, these wonderful people can no longer even place needy children for adoption. Why? Because they refused to compromise with the new Caesar – an intolerant secularist governmental agency which insists that they deny their deeply held convictions.”

Deeply held convictions … of complete and utter intolerance.  How that article could be composed without the writers head imploding from irony is beyond me, and is another perfect example of “christian love”.  Spewing hatred while claiming love.

If they care so little for the children, they should close anyway.  Numerous other christian adoption agencies simply severed their ties with the church, showing that they did actually care about more than just their image.  The UK and Australia are not alone in being hit by “christian love” when it comes to adoption, Boston has also felt it.

The unfortunate changes being forced to be made by Clover Moore just to allow state laws to change for the better are still not enough to appease some in the church.  The person who currently holds the title of Supreme Bigot in Australia at the moment, Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell along with the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen are both still opposed to this ruling all together.  I honestly can’t remember the last time Pell opened his mouth without spewing hatred towards one group or another.

That’s all it is, bigotry.  Study after study after study have shown time and again that being raised by a homosexual couple is in no way shape or form detrimental to a child.

I have argued this before, there is no logical reason or reason backed by evidence that supports any anti-homosexual stances.  Allowing them these rights is not giving them special privileges.  These are adults, as such they are respected by law as making decisions about themselves and for themselves.  Not allowing them marriage and adoption is nothing more than adding special rules revoking privileges.

2 thoughts on “Christians choosing hate over love.

  1. Umm, you say that there are times an abortion is needed to save both the mother and child’s life… I don’t think itr can save the child’s life.

    Why do the abortion bombing ‘Christians’ feel that abortions are done like you put out the rubbish? The (ok, not a lot) women I know who have had an abortion have agonised over it. It is not done lightly.

    It was their choice.

    *I* choose to let them have a safe option.

    Thanks for the article.

    We have to stop letting religion get these free rides. We really do.


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