Why you need to support gay marriage.

A good friend of mine, Riayn, posted a blog entry earlier today that left me flabbergasted.  An elderly gay couple in the US who had gone to extraordinary lengths to set up the best legal support of each other they could were totally used, abused, and destroyed by the local council.  They had it all, they had it all stolen from them, all because of bigotry and homophobia.  Treated worse than they would have been were they just single, separate people.

This kind of thing is atrocious and everyone involved deserves to have the book thrown at them.  It is a horrendous abuse of human rights, and EXACTLY the reason why we NEED equal rights for gay people when it comes to marriage. Continue reading

Another day another homophobe.

marriage 1960 vs 2006Another day another homophobe.  Today’s is yet another followup to Lisa Pryor’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald.  This one comes from Chris Meney director, Life, Marriage and Family Centre, Catholic Archdiocese and it’s about as closet homophobe as one can get.  Not a single argument applies purely to homosexual couples, they can all be applied equally to heterosexual ones and in doing so the arguments are completely destroyed.

Lets analyze his response shall we?

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My friend, the persecution complex.

christianpersecutionLate last week Lisa Pryor wrote a brilliant opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald on gay marriage and the bigotry of those who oppose it.  Most opponents to it behave rather offended and seem to argue as though they feel gay marriage would somehow affect them and their lives.  Lisa put this argument to rest very nicely and in a much more inoffensive manner than I could have ever achieved by proposing rather tongue-in-cheekily that gay marriage be voluntary so that it only affects those who opt-in to it.

Of course, the bigots couldn’t take this.  They had to be offended and so they scoured the article to find something to oppose.  What they found was a mention of one particular religious leaning in the final three paragraphs (out of 11 paragraphs), and responded as though those paragraphs were abusive to this religious leaning (which they weren’t).  This, is a very clear case of persecution complex.

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