Merry Christmas to one and all.

Just a quick post to say merry christmas to everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends.  I know how I’ll be spending it, pretty much exactly as described in the following song.

Don’t forget you only have until the 26th to purchase this from itunes and have 50% of the payment go towards Autism research, so grab it now before it’s too late!


Victorian bushfiresLast night, a TV show on the ABC called Catalyst had a special on bushfires, something that should be of great interest to anyone who is in or near an area that regularly has them (ie, anywhere at all in Australia as well as California and maybe a few other places around the world).

destroyed townFor those who may not know, last year there were some horrific bushfires in Victoria and South Australia earlier this year.  Entire towns almost completely wiped off the map as the bushfire passed through leaving few if any properties standing.  Everyone in Australia was devastated, tempers flared in the aftermath and discussions could be heard anywhere and everywhere as to what went wrong and what should be done.

Catalyst decided to actually investigate the issue and rather than parroting the usual comments, they actually looked in to the science of bushfires.  Fighting them, protecting ones property from them, and the psychology of managing and fighting one.  For the moment the videos can be viewed at their website here (at least for those in Australia, I am not sure about overseas), as well as some very interesting web exclusives that I shall be checking out this evening when I get home. Continue reading

Presenting: Poppy.

PoppyThere’s too much animal cruelty in this world.  Animals being brought in to it all the time that nobody wants, whether it is through breeders or people who don’t take adequate care of their pets by not getting them desexed.  It’s a shame really, as the only results are underfunded kennels doing their utmost to care for what few they can, and more often than should be, putting the animals down simply because there’s nobody to care for them.

Most kennels and pounds struggle so much they cannot really afford the time to care for newborn or sick animals. Fortunately they came up with the brilliant idea of foster parents.  Foster parents take on animals who need extra attention for a couple of weeks and nurse them back to health.  To the left here you see Poppy, she is just one foster kitty a good friend of mine, @catherineLd has the recent pleasure of looking after (and teasing us on twitter with pictures/videos of her latest family).

More details on the great work and how you can help after the break. Continue reading

The secret lives of business people.

Business PeopleAs I was walking around the city today in search of lunch I had a thought.  Yes, dangerous I know, but I couldn’t help it.  I was standing at the intersection waiting to cross the road, looking at the people around me.

The freshly pressed power suits.  Pristine white shirts.  Expertly tied ties.  Immaculately cleaned and very shiny shoes.

That’s when it struck me.  “Surely not” I thought, as I looked a little closer.  These people in the most expensive and finest of fine power suits, could the closet of their secret desires really hold such a thing?  I looked around at others, person after person.  It wasn’t just the odd upper manager and power broker, but it was all of them.  All sharing the same skeleton in their closet.  All sharing the one secret desire.  The evidence was undeniable.  Every business person, has the secret desire, to be a clown. Continue reading

Lesson #5489 in getting media sympathy: violate human rights worse than your neighbor.

What the f*%k is up with the media in the last 12 months? Anywhere there’s a conflict happening, the reporting is as arse-backwards as it could possibly be, if not more so. Case in point, the current fighting happening in Sri Lanka between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers. I am yet to see a news story that doesn’t demonify SL while glossing over the TT. Sri Lanka attacked a hospital, they injured and killed women and children.

I’m sorry, but the only reason not only the women and children were attacked as well as the hospital in the first place was because the Tigers set up their base of operations INSIDE the hospital, using the women, children, sick and injured as human f*%king shields! That’s a horrendous act. It’s low. It’s despicable. It’s cowardly. It’s pathetic. It’s a MUCH worse violation of human rights than what Sri Lanka are doing, yet it’s only Sri Lanka getting demonified for it! WHAT THE F*%K IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? Continue reading

Nananananananananananananana Batmaaaan!

The cheap-arsed money grabbing mayor of Batman in Turkey is ruining the credebility of his town and making the entire world and their dog laugh at them by sueing Nolan and the WB for royalties from the success of the Batman movies.

Nobody seems to have told him that for this to be successful he needs to have trademarked the name Batman, plus there needs to be some correlation between the brands. Maybe if the city was called Gotham or something? Maybe.

I’m too busy chuckling about this to be able to think of much more that can be said.

Source: El Reg.

Obligatory first post.

I like most people like the occasional incoherent rant. The place where I used to rant turned in to a cess pool of stoners and morons, so I abandoned that place a while ago. Most of the sites I visit these days don’t accommodate the feel that I want, so my only option has been to create my own little home.