Australian Vaccination Network at Woodford Folk Festival. #StopAVN

I’ve spoken about the Australian Vaccination Network before, but those have generally only been mentions and references, I’ve never really gone in to who and what they are.

EDIT: BREAKING NEWS! It appears StopAVN have done something fantastic and unexpected at Woodford Folk Festival!  Please scroll down to the next bolded “EDIT:” and ensure even if you don’t read most of this, you at least read that!!! 😀

Who are the Australian Vaccination Network?
The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), despite all claims to the contrary, are an anti-vaccination group.  They are headed up by Meryl Dorey and claim they’re not, they claim they just support informed choice and provide a counter to the governments provides.  However, the information the AVN provide is wrong on almost all counts which means it’s not really an informed choice they’re providing but a misinformed one, and if the governments provides is pro-vaccine, then any stance counter to that surely must be anti?

Their preferred sources of information are not scientific studies, but rather conspiracy theorist sites such as (a site that collects any and all articles and claims no matter how crazy and unsubstantiated they are), conspiracy theorists such as David Icke (who promotes world leaders and the royal family being lizard people), and people with revoked medical licenses such as the disgraced Andrew Wakefield.

They’ve had their charity license revoked.  In the last two years, only two issues of their 6/year magazine “Living Wisdom” has been released (and despite being so far behind in issues owed, they’re still actively pushing subscriptions).  They regularly cry oppression, censorship and demand free speech, despite blocking/banning anyone who dares counter their supposed-not president Meryl Dorey with information that is nothing more than factual. They have also been caught filing numerous false DMCA requests to hide public and factual information they don’t like.  The Australian Vaccination Network about as hypocritical as one can get. Continue reading

AVN talk at the State Library of WA is going ahead as we speak, and that’s good.

I should have spoken up earlier.  It’s currently 6pm in Western Australia, Meryl Dorey is setting up for her talk at the State Library of WA.  As a believer in science and reality based medicine, I am disappointed this is going ahead.  I am also glad.

When Meryl first announced her talk in Perth at the Uniting Church in The City, many people from the StopAVN group contacted them to let them know the reality behind the Australian Vaccination Network, what they really stood for and would really be talking about.  UCiTC were shocked, and decided in the end to cancel the booking.

The Australian Vaccination Network then looked around and lined up a new venue, the State Library of Western Australia.  They told Meryl they often have controversial groups talk, so would not cancel.  True to their word, once contacted by StopAVN members they responded in a similar way and allowed the talk to continue.  Continue reading

New website launched to counter AVN.

Australia’s Anti Vaccination group, the Australian Vaccination Network are doing a seminar tomorrow in Perth.  They like to claim they give parents both sides of the vaccination “debate” to “let them decide”, a statement I covered in yesterday’s post.  However, I am yet to see them give any positive information on vaccines.  As a matter of fact, the only information I have seen from them on vaccines has been completely wrong.  This is quite disturbing for a group who claims to be the “vaccination watchdog”, and run by someone who claims to be “the leading expert in Australia on vaccines”.

Also as I said yesterday, you cannot give information and misinformation on equal platters and ask people to decide for themselves.  That’s just unproductive and dangerous as it gives people the false impression that the misinformation is justified and supported.  So, to counter the misinformation and blatant lies by the AVN in tomorrow’s seminar, a website has been launched specifically to correct the AVN’s incorrect claims. Continue reading

Autism Hour.

I’m quite annoyed with myself right now.  I’ve been a bit distracted these last two weeks due to personal reasons and forgot all about today.  This means I’m only posting this blog well after the time of the event I wanted to pimp.

In a follow-up to this post, today is the final day of Autism Month and it hosts Autism Hour.  One hour, from 9am, to help raise awareness for Autism and send a message of support to people and their families that are dealing with it.

Please, take a moment to go to the autism hour homepage and show them your support, even if you’re late it will still be collected and appreciated.

Catchup #4: Autism Awareness Month.

Finally in my catchup is another thing people may not be aware of, this month is Autism Awareness Month.  It’s a good time to remind the anti-vaxxers that vaccines and autism have no relation what so ever.  We don’t need crackpots running around spoiling things for everyone, what we need to help beat autism is good science, understanding by the general public, and methods that work such as early intervention.

You can check out the Autism Spectrum Australia website for a bunch of events happening this month to promote what is going on, including Autism Hour at 9am on April 30.

Take part and help out, please.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Just a quick post to say merry christmas to everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends.  I know how I’ll be spending it, pretty much exactly as described in the following song.

Don’t forget you only have until the 26th to purchase this from itunes and have 50% of the payment go towards Autism research, so grab it now before it’s too late!

A reaction to factual stories on vaccination (Part 5).

Wired Fear CoverNote: You can now read this at Wired Magazine. Day 1. Day 2.

This is the fifth part of Amy Wallace’s (website) (twitter) tweet session following up her amazing article in Wired Magazine with comments and emails she has received.

As with the last few days, I have decided to consolidate this in to a blog post that is easier to read for those who, like me, find it annoying trying to read bottom to top and in such short snippets.  Again the only changes I have made have been the adding of paragraphs (something not possible in 140 character tweets) and the occasional full stop, comma or space.  Other than that, the section in block quotes below is directly as they came from her twitter stream.

It’s Friday morning and I’ve just heard from the 415th reader of my Wired story on vaccine panic.

A new blog on misogyny and J.B. Handley/Gen. Rescue:

This just in: 3 studies find pregnant mothers’ flu shots make for healthier babies. Read it here: Continue reading