A reaction to factual stories on vaccination (Part 1).

Wired Fear CoverNote: You can now read this at Wired Magazine. Day 1. Day 2.

A week ago, Amy Wallace (website) (twitter) wrote an amazing piece for Wired Magazine about vaccinations, the fear mongering of the anti-vax groups, and how it puts us all in danger.  If you haven’t read it yet I suggest doing so first here.

Earlier today she decided to post in her twitter account about the reactions received to this story.  Due to the formatting used on Twitter, I have decided to reformat her tweets and post them here in a more easily readable layout.  The only changes I have made have been the adding of paragraphs (something not possible in 140 character tweets) and the occasional full stop, comma or space.  Other than that, the section in block quotes below is directly as they came from her twitter stream.

I wrote the cover story in the November issue of WIRED: An Epidemic of Fear http://bit.ly/htnoy

Check out my piece in Details http://bit.ly/179mV6

WIRED and I are answering readers’ questions on vaccine safety. See: http://bit.ly/15XC4u

Here’s one on thimerosal: http://bit.ly/VTYmD

Here’s another on the mumps: http://bit.ly/YSgs8

And for all you who were wondering: A summary of who I am…: http://bit.ly/3839M2

It has been a week since my Wired cover story on vaccines and autism was posted online. I have never gotten so much feedback on a story. I’ve been a journalist for more than 25 years. In that time, I’ve written for national newspapers and magazines on contentious topics such as affirmative action, the death penalty, Mickey Rourke. Never have I experienced such an avalanche of letters and emails. Continue reading