Some people just want to be offended.

It’s amazing how people react to some things.  How they get so worked up over something that is nothing, or purely in jest.  Whether they lack a sense of humour, or refuse to look away from something that makes them uncomfortable, maybe even searching it out just so they can react.  It’s strange, it is as though some people purposefully want to be offended.

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A cause worth getting behind.

People from all over the place are claiming there has been a distinct increase in natural disasters in the last ten years.  It has set many people off looking for reasons in every nook and cranny.  Some of the reasons to blame to this point are global warming, atheism, homosexuality, secularism, just plain old natural disasters with there being nothing special about them, the lowering of standards for what is and isn’t sexually explicit, etc etc.

Can you spot the odd one out there?  The second last, nothing special about them.  In this day and age we have instant global communication as never seen before, someone sitting on the bog can be communicating on his phone to thousands of other people in every nook and cranny around the world, and this ability is open to just about anyone.

Previously if a crackpot managed to get the attention of their local media, that’s about where it would stop as it would take a few days at the very least for this to be replicated around the world, rather than minutes as it is now.

Jennifer McCreight has come up with a brilliant idea of a scientific experiment that could help save millions of lives from natural disasters, and it’s something I would like to see each and every person reading this blog get behind.  It’s an amazing idea that needs everyone’s support, but before I explain what it is, please watch the following video to at least the 1:50 (one minute fifty seconds) mark. Continue reading