Victorian bushfiresLast night, a TV show on the ABC called Catalyst had a special on bushfires, something that should be of great interest to anyone who is in or near an area that regularly has them (ie, anywhere at all in Australia as well as California and maybe a few other places around the world).

destroyed townFor those who may not know, last year there were some horrific bushfires in Victoria and South Australia earlier this year.  Entire towns almost completely wiped off the map as the bushfire passed through leaving few if any properties standing.  Everyone in Australia was devastated, tempers flared in the aftermath and discussions could be heard anywhere and everywhere as to what went wrong and what should be done.

Catalyst decided to actually investigate the issue and rather than parroting the usual comments, they actually looked in to the science of bushfires.  Fighting them, protecting ones property from them, and the psychology of managing and fighting one.  For the moment the videos can be viewed at their website here (at least for those in Australia, I am not sure about overseas), as well as some very interesting web exclusives that I shall be checking out this evening when I get home. Continue reading