They come in all shapes and sizes.

Saintfrancisborgia_exorcismNormally when one would hear about an exorcism their first thoughts go to wondering about what kind of deranged ill educated people would still perform such a thing.  Thoughts flow to the lesser educated areas of Africa where superstition is rife, or North America which sometimes comes across as some kind of breeding ground for fundamentalists and people with a learning impairment.

Those stereotypes though are very much that – stereotypes.  When you take a better look you’ll realise it is significantly harder to separate those with “strange”, “outlandish” and “warped” views from your next door neighbor or your best friend.

The latest case of exorcism comes from somewhere not so expected, Adelaide Australia.  Sure it may be best known as “the city of churches”, but those I’ve met from the area come across as no more or less religious than those from other parts of the country.  Continue reading