Homeopathy: useless and unethical.

Something that those of us who took part in the global Ten23 campaign already knew has now become official: Homeopathy has been declared useless and unethical.

The Science and Technology Select Committee in the UK has delivered its verdict on homeopathy, calling for the withdrawal of NHS funding and official licensing for homeopaths.

For those who do not know what Homeopathy is, there’s a few good quick summaries here and here.

Podblack also has a VERY impressive collection of news stories and blog posts on this story, I highly recommend checking out her blog to see what other bloggers who have had more time than myself have to say on the subject.


How Homeopathy “Works”, Illustrated.

Homeopathy - Full of ShitHomeopathy is one of those backwards things that no matter how you look at it, doesn’t make the slightest lick of sense.  It goes against physics, it goes against chemistry, it goes against biology, it goes against logic, it goes against everything.  Most people when asked though don’t actually realise the supposed claims about how or why it works.  Even though it can be explained in plain English in a matter of minutes or even seconds, most people don’t even bother to go that far and know it as nothing more than an alternative medicine.  Many even think it’s just a more natural medicine even though in most cases there’s nothing about it which is more natural than science based medicine.

To help people understand and entertain them at the same time, Depleted Cranium have come up with an illustrated guide to Homeopathy which explains in detail how this “medicine” “works”.  Quite entertaining and worth the read.

Sourced from: James Randi Educational Foundation.

Site: Depleted Cranium – How Homeopathy (supposedly) Works Illustrated.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Snakeoil SalesmanA man and his six year old son sit down in front of the TV one Saturday afternoon and turn it on.  An old black and white western is showing.  The father sits back and enjoys, while the child watches with intrigue.  A gentleman with an elaborately painted cart enters the screen and starts making boasts about a new medicine he has that will “cure what ails ya”.  A clearly sick person at the back of the newly gathered but inquisitive crowd wanders up and takes a sip of the salesman’s elixir.

Within minutes, the sick person’s face is clearing, voice is becoming less hoarse and energy is filling his body.  He buys two bottles of the elixir and wander off happily as the crowd behind him suddenly fill with excitement and start clamoring to be the next customer.  The sheriff then turns up, settles the crowd, shames them by telling them this man is nothing more than a snake-oil salesman and sends him out of town to the sound of boos and hisses.

Son: Dad, what’s snake oil?
Father: Well son, many a year ago men like that used to wander from town to town selling fake cures.  That first person who came up was actually in league with the salesman, a friend, acting and pretending to get cured.
Son: So the oil of snakes has no affect?
Father: No son.  It was all a scam.
Son: Wow dad, how did they fall for it?
Father: Medicine back then wasn’t what it is today.  There were many many more things it couldn’t cure or help with, and communication was also much slower which gave these people the ability to wander from one town to the next before word of their fraudulent activity could be passed on.  Today though, people are much smarter and medicine is much better.
Son: *laughing* Yeah, nobody would be silly enough to fall for that today.

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