How Homeopathy “Works”, Illustrated.

Homeopathy - Full of ShitHomeopathy is one of those backwards things that no matter how you look at it, doesn’t make the slightest lick of sense.  It goes against physics, it goes against chemistry, it goes against biology, it goes against logic, it goes against everything.  Most people when asked though don’t actually realise the supposed claims about how or why it works.  Even though it can be explained in plain English in a matter of minutes or even seconds, most people don’t even bother to go that far and know it as nothing more than an alternative medicine.  Many even think it’s just a more natural medicine even though in most cases there’s nothing about it which is more natural than science based medicine.

To help people understand and entertain them at the same time, Depleted Cranium have come up with an illustrated guide to Homeopathy which explains in detail how this “medicine” “works”.  Quite entertaining and worth the read.

Sourced from: James Randi Educational Foundation.

Site: Depleted Cranium – How Homeopathy (supposedly) Works Illustrated.