I survived Mind Body Spirit, and all I got was a lousy anxiety attack.

Just got home from the Mind Body Wallet Spirit Festival in Sydney.  This is a bi-annular (twice a year) festival that happens in most major cities across Australia promoting woo of all kinds.  It’s the biggest woo-fest in Australia.

Met up with some friends out the front (Richard shown here doing what he does best, nomming the sign that was made to get our group’s attention), and in we went.  Unlike my recent visit to Newton’s Pharmacy (a “pharmacy” that deals 100% in homeopathy and other woo, no legitimate medicine to be found), my nasal senses weren’t violently assaulted upon entering which was good.  I didn’t last as long as the people I went with, and it wasn’t from the woo.  More on that later.

There were numerous stalls I wanted to look at to see what the woo was they were offering as a quick glance didn’t make it overly clear, however more often than not if I wanted a closer look there was already a large group of non-moving people in front of the stall not allowing me to get close enough without actively engaging a stall holder.  I’m not exactly good at confrontations and taking people on, so this is something I don’t quite feel comfortable doing as yet. Continue reading