Scientology massively underpaying staff.

If you watched the videos from my last article on the Cult of Scientology, you would have heard side-mentions of people being paid little to nothing by the cult while being heavily coerced if not completely forced to work anywhere from 40 to 100 hours a week for the cult.

Now thanks to an earlier investigation by the ABC TV show 4Corners, the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman has opened up an investigation in to the cult to look at these claims.  Details of the investigation come from Lateline in the video after the cut. Continue reading

Cult of Scientology under (deserved) attack again.

The Cult of Scientology has been under deserved attack by Australia’s media again.  This time it was three TV shows on three separate networks, all with the same story.  ABC’s Lateline on the 18th of May broke the story, this was followed up by Seven’s Today Tonight and Nine’s A Current Affair simultaneously airing their own versions of the same story on the 19th of May.

The basic premise behind the story is the daughter of the President of the Cult here in Australia was born in to the cult, spent all her childhood inside it, but has now escaped.  She gives an expose as to what it was like being brought up.  Children overcrowded in small houses, untrained “babysitters” looking after 30+ very young children for days at a time with no assistance.  If the authorities did come in to take a look, most of the kids were taken out on an excursion with CoS crews sent in to dismantle the incriminating furniture (cots etc).

It’s a horrible story of basic child abuse.  There may have been no direct physical abuse but the mental, the lack of care for the children, it’s deplorable.  Rather than bore you, I’ll let you watch all three pieces for yourself.

Edit: Last night on Lateline they had a follow-up, this time reports of actual sexual abuse of children which the Cult of Scientology covered up in ways scarily similar to how the Catholic Church is doing it.  My only wishes are that people leaving the Catholic Church would secretly take incriminating documents out with them as is happening to the Cult.  Two new videos added below, the report on the abuse and coverup as well as an interview with Amy Scobee. Continue reading

I survived Mind Body Spirit, and all I got was a lousy anxiety attack.

Just got home from the Mind Body Wallet Spirit Festival in Sydney.  This is a bi-annular (twice a year) festival that happens in most major cities across Australia promoting woo of all kinds.  It’s the biggest woo-fest in Australia.

Met up with some friends out the front (Richard shown here doing what he does best, nomming the sign that was made to get our group’s attention), and in we went.  Unlike my recent visit to Newton’s Pharmacy (a “pharmacy” that deals 100% in homeopathy and other woo, no legitimate medicine to be found), my nasal senses weren’t violently assaulted upon entering which was good.  I didn’t last as long as the people I went with, and it wasn’t from the woo.  More on that later.

There were numerous stalls I wanted to look at to see what the woo was they were offering as a quick glance didn’t make it overly clear, however more often than not if I wanted a closer look there was already a large group of non-moving people in front of the stall not allowing me to get close enough without actively engaging a stall holder.  I’m not exactly good at confrontations and taking people on, so this is something I don’t quite feel comfortable doing as yet. Continue reading

Cult of Scientology – Premiere night for their new DVD.

I have just arrived home from a premiere screening put on by the Cult of Scientology.  One of their many arms to be precise, known as the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.  The CCHR is the arm of the Cult that attacks Psychiatry, spreading misinformation and blatant lies about the profession in an attempt to lower peoples connections to reality and soften them up for when the Cult of Scientology comes along with their Dianetics books, though they do not pimp the books directly themselves.

Tonight the CCHR were having a premiere screening of a new DVD they were releasing titled “The Marketing of Madness”.  They had posted an invitation to an email distribution group concentrating on health, and from this location a friend who subscribes to this list forwarded it on to me.  I tried to get some others to join me, but they were smarter than I was and never showed up. 🙂 Continue reading

Scientology exposition.

The cult of scientology just can’t get a break, and to be honest it doesn’t deserve one. They’ve been lampooned and exposed on South Park, received a lot of publicity for people they’ve directly or indirectly killed, had tom cruise make an arse of himself, had the online circlejerk known as anonymous go after it, and we’re losing count of the number of people who have managed to escape to tell their tale.

Yet somehow despite all the bad publicity, they still somehow manage to grow.  Apparently the cult are on the verge of another surge here in Australia.

The current affairs show Today Tonight decided to follow up on their numerous stories on the cult of scientology, and managed to get an interview with one of their upper cult members as well as a tour of their Californian offices.  The videos are after the jump. Continue reading

Scientology offering refunds?

A few days ago in Australia, independent senator Nick Xenophon gave a little speech about the cult of scientology accusing them of being a criminal organisation.  Podblack does some nice coverage of it if you would like to read more.

This has put the media in to a spin and the cult of scientology in to damage control overdrive.  As yet we have not seen their usual tactic of digging or manufacturing dirt on the person to discredit and ruin them personally, however there have been a number of interviews.

The Channel 7 morning program Sunrise had a representative on from the cult of scientology this morning, and she had some interesting things to say.  The most surprising of these, is that if people are unsatisfied or leave the cult, they offer full refunds.  Audio here. (Right-click, save as)

That is right everyone.  After the hundreds of horror stories of people losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cult, going broke, being ostracised and having their lives destroyed, it appears the cult now offers refunds, in full!

This spokesperson has just opened the cult of scientology up to a barrage of compensation claims, and I certainly hope they come thick, fast, and most importantly publicly.  I would love to see just how many (if any) of these requests they honour.  I am expecting the number to be somewhere in the realm of between zero and none.   The methods they use to weasel out of these request for compensation will be highly amusing to say the very least.

The Profit.

The Profit is a feature film written and directed by Peter N. Alexander. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France in 2001. Distribution of the film was prohibited by an American court order which was a result of a lawsuit brought by the Church of Scientology, although the filmmaker says that the film is not about Scientology. The Disinformation Book Of Lists and The Times have characterized The Profit as a banned film in the United States.

The film was described by its producers as a work of fiction, meant to educate the public about cults and con men. It was widely seen, however, as a parody of the Church of Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The main character L. Conrad Powers leads an organization called the “Church of Scientific Spiritualism”, and many elements about both the Church portrayed in the film, and Powers’ life have been compared to Scientology and Hubbard. The film was mainly produced and shot in Tampa Bay, Florida, and the cast included actors from the area and cameos from a few Scientology critics.

More Information: Here.
Torrent: Here.