Beware the spinal trap.


A worldwide campaign was released on the 29th of July 2009 to republish the article by Simon Singh which was originally published in The Guardian and is the source of the current abuse of the horrendous English libel laws on Mr Singh by the British Chiropractic Association.

The latest campaign is to have Mr Singh’s original article republished as much as possible.  The article itself is complete bar one short otherwise insignificant line, the line at the centre of the controversy.  The hope is that this will give greater publicity to what was actually said by Mr Singh and the case he is facing.

I apologise for being late in getting on the bandwagon, but every little bit helps so below the cut you will find the article in full (minus the one line), as approved by Simon and Sense about Science.

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Is nothing safe? Woo is now involving wine!

Today I tried to summon a sandworm. I know full well they are a fictional creature, but sometimes you come across something that affects you in a way that you just cannot help but to create a rhythmic thumping sound similar to that used in their summoning. I’m sure you too have experienced such things. One moment you’re innocently browsing the internet, reading the paper or watching TV. The next moment there is an emanating thump, thump, thump, thump, as your forehead repeatedly hits the palm of your hand or the desk in front of you. Continue reading