Christopher Maloney is a defeated quack.

Almost two years ago now I wrote a blog post about Christopher Maloney, Naturopathic Doctor / Not a Doctor / Quack Extroadinairre who had used non-legal threats towards WordPress to shut down a science bloggers blog after the person dared write a post which rightfully called Christopher Maloney a quack.

At the time, Christopher Maloney was throwing out threats of lawsuits left right and centre, and twisting anything and everything he possibly could to make it falsely look like he was being persecuted.  Not long after this, all news on him died off and this was the last the blogosphere heard.  This wasn’t the end of his actions though.

It has now become apparent that Christopher Maloney, Quack, N.D. had utilised his wife’s legal services to sue the original blogger.  A S.L.A.P.P. suit was filed against Mr Hawkins. Continue reading

Christopher Maloney is a quack.

Christopher Maloney is a quack.  It’s that simple really.  He’s an N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor / Not a Doctor) from Maine who doesn’t seem to understand the concept behind the Streisand Effect.

What happened is a student dared to criticise him on his blog and referred to Christopher Maloney as being a quack. Rather than ignore it as most people would do, or dispute it in the comments as many others would do, Christopher Maloney and his friend Andreas Moritz (a cancer quack) instead went to wordpress (the hosts of this blog) and threatened them with legal action if they didn’t completely shut down the blog in question. Continue reading

No good without god?

Atheist Bus 001Of the claims that come forth from religious people, there is one that is probably the most commonly used, and it is the one the majority of theists have in common despite their highly splintered sects.  Whether fundamentalist or name-only, whether christian or pagan, there is one area they generally (not always, but generally) tend to agree.  That area, that argument, is that one cannot be good without god.

It doesn’t seem that offensive a statement, does it?  Really though, it is a horribly offensive and rude thing for them to say.  Essentially they are saying that those who do not have a positive belief in a god or gods are evil people, amoral, completely unable to be good, deceptive, rude, backstabbing, conniving.  How would you feel if someone were to say that to you?

But do morals really come from a god or gods? Continue reading

On trolling, hypocrisy and vandalism.

Thank-youIKEA1024Earlier this evening I was introduced to the Jesus: All About Life Facebook page.  A quick look through the page showed it was a legitimate page made by the people behind the campaign, but 16 hours earlier Atheists and non-christians had also discovered it and were trolling quite badly.

Earlier today while browsing through my usual sites I came across a post at Pharyngula about someone who was arrested for defacing a poster for an advertising campaign.

I decided to also check out – a parody site set up when it was discovered the JAAL people only registered the domain, not the .com one, and saw on the front page this particular article.

Seriously guys, trolling and vandalism is NEVER acceptable. Continue reading

That Mitchell and Webb Look.

Here’s a couple of absolutely brilliant sketches from a UK TV show called That Mitchell and Webb Look.  Both sketches are from S03E04.  I think I’m going to have to look in to this show a bit more.

The second one you have to be a little careful of.  I think I may have woken the entire block of units I live in from laughing so hard at the final line.

Both video’s found via P.Z. Myers’ website Pharyngula.