Presenting: Poppy.

PoppyThere’s too much animal cruelty in this world.  Animals being brought in to it all the time that nobody wants, whether it is through breeders or people who don’t take adequate care of their pets by not getting them desexed.  It’s a shame really, as the only results are underfunded kennels doing their utmost to care for what few they can, and more often than should be, putting the animals down simply because there’s nobody to care for them.

Most kennels and pounds struggle so much they cannot really afford the time to care for newborn or sick animals. Fortunately they came up with the brilliant idea of foster parents.  Foster parents take on animals who need extra attention for a couple of weeks and nurse them back to health.  To the left here you see Poppy, she is just one foster kitty a good friend of mine, @catherineLd has the recent pleasure of looking after (and teasing us on twitter with pictures/videos of her latest family).

More details on the great work and how you can help after the break.

You can see a list of past kittens here, on flickr and youtube.  I do have to give you a very big squeal warning though, many of the photos and videos will make even the most stone hearted person fall over dribbling with cute.

For people like me who are renting so aren’t allowed to have pets, @catherineLd (who also runs the design company Faster Pussycat Productions) has offered up a very adorable and inexpensive way we can help out – by becoming Superher Kitteh Sponsors!  Contact her, and she’ll send you the details for how you can help out.  The basic gist is that for a measly $22 donation to the Lort Smith Animal Shelter through her, you get to sponsor one of her foster cats.  In this most recent case, I took on the one that has made my heart melt more than any others, Poppy.

Superhero Kitteh Sponsor KitToday, an adorable package arrived containing the items in the photo to the right.  They are a calendar with pictures of past fosters, a framed picture of your sponsor kitteh, a badge, and a certificate of appreciation.  I’ve had a very “meh” last couple of days, but since opening this package up I still haven’t stopped giggling, it’s just so adorable.

So if you can’t look after pets of your own please help out here, or contact your local RSPCA/animal pound and see how you can help them.  If you can look after pets, for shits fucking sake don’t get one through a breeder.  There’s hundreds of animals nation wide who are all but on death row waiting for a rescuer, just like you.

Take another look at Poppy.  How can you say no to those eyes?

4 thoughts on “Presenting: Poppy.

  1. UPDATE 23OCTOBER2009 poppy was adopted today! 😀 that moment when you get the phone call to tell you that little kitten that you loved, adorable and looked after has won the heart of another… is simply the best! Thanks again or this post BS. xox

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