Do not feed the trolls.

trollsOh for shits fucking sake people, enough is enough already. This rant mainly goes out to the atheists I follow on Facebook and Twitter, so those of you not in the atheist communities feel free to ignore (or read on for the lulz, I care not).

Remember all the times you’ve been told “do not feed the trolls”? Remember all the times you’ve told other people “do not feed the trolls”? Well, Ray Comfort IS A TROLL! There’s no two ways about it.

His modus operandi is “Any publicity is good publicity”, and he feeds of this. It’s his go-to method to increase publicity. He’s an unrepentant liar for christ, and he’s more than willing to do so. The more outrage he can get for what he does, the happier he is. By responding, by getting outraged at what he does, you are just falling plumb into PRECISELY what he wants out of people. You are making yourself his stooge. You are giving him EVERYTHING he wants, and more. And yes, I do realize the irony of my whinging about this making me one of his stooges too.

CrocoduckThis first became apparent to me in 2006 from his banana argument and continued usage of it, though I’m sure others realized this much earlier. It was confirmed though in March 2007 when Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron accepted doing a televised debate with the Rational Responders in which Ray & Kirk promised, swore black and blue leading up to it that they would not invoke the bible. The second sentence out of their mouthes was to invoke the bible. They blatantly lied, they knew it, they did it on purpose. There’s no way it could not have been planned.

If that wasn’t enough of a source of a reaction, this was also where the famous crocoduck was born (though the image had been originally created roughly 3 years earlier in a worth1000 contest, for which it is very rarely credited).

Everything Ray has done since then is just more trolling for a reaction, from his books including a copy of “On The Origin of Species“. This one contained a cover to look like the official version from Charles Darwin, tiny writing and inconvenient chapters removed for his reprint of the original text then text 2-3 times larger and easier to read of his own editorial on it. Again, many things to cause outrage, and outrage did happen.

Ray Comfort is a troll. By responding to him, you are just feeding him. You are giving him EVERYTHING he wants. You are falling hook, line and sinker into his trap. “Oh, but it’s fun”, and you’re a douchebag if you continue. You ARE just promoting his brand of creationism and ministry. You ARE advertising for him. You ARE doing his bidding.

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