They come in all shapes and sizes.

Saintfrancisborgia_exorcismNormally when one would hear about an exorcism their first thoughts go to wondering about what kind of deranged ill educated people would still perform such a thing.  Thoughts flow to the lesser educated areas of Africa where superstition is rife, or North America which sometimes comes across as some kind of breeding ground for fundamentalists and people with a learning impairment.

Those stereotypes though are very much that – stereotypes.  When you take a better look you’ll realise it is significantly harder to separate those with “strange”, “outlandish” and “warped” views from your next door neighbor or your best friend.

The latest case of exorcism comes from somewhere not so expected, Adelaide Australia.  Sure it may be best known as “the city of churches”, but those I’ve met from the area come across as no more or less religious than those from other parts of the country.  They’ve also had their fare share of issues with the bodies in barrels fiasco, but for something like that to not happen at least somewhere in a country the size of ours would be surprising.

Another break from the stereotype is who was involved.  This story was broken by The Advertiser on the 6th, concentrating on a police officer who has been stood down for his involvement.  Again you’d normally expect a police officer of all people who have a better understanding of right and wrong, of what actions would be seen not only by the public but also by the law as being permissible.

Not many details of the actions that took place during the exorcism have been brought to light other than the 15 year old child was at a Lutheran Youth Camp (YPOut09), complained of stomach pains, was restrained, and the act continued for about 12 hours.  Quite harsh for something as simple as stomach pains one would think, but with this excessive lack of details conclusions and judgements that are anything remotely resembling accurate would be nigh impossible to come upon.

So as you can see, strange, fringe and deplorable acts can be performed by just about anyone.  One doesn’t need to be teetering on the edge of lunacy, nor for that matter anywhere near it.  The moral of the story: Next time you’re at a Lutheran event and the catering doesn’t sit well in your stomach, don’t complain.

One thought on “They come in all shapes and sizes.

  1. Man, our posts ware so similar that I think I must have read yours and subconciously plagiarized( i say this only because I make it a haboit of linking to the people who I get info or ideas from).

    Either that or we are in the same mental space or subject to the same tropes, mores etc regarding the religious.


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