More mistreatment of live animal exports.

New footage has emerged of sheep exported live to Jordan being mistreated.

Tony Abbott practicing for the triathlon inside parliament.

Tony Abbott practicing for the triathlon inside parliament.

Remember, Tony Abbott in his election campaign promised to apologise to Indonesia, Jordan etc for Australia halting live animal exports after they mistreated the animals in violation of agreements. He also promised he’d then increase the rates at which animals get exported live to these countries.

barnaby joyceBarnaby Joyce, at the bottom of the article linked to claims that the sheep in the video aren’t being treated the way the sheep in the video are being treated.  Although he doesn’t say it so blatantly, instead he chooses to use doublespeak or at the very least something rather similar to doublespeak.

“We have designed a system to try as much as we can to deal with this issue so Australian sheep are not treated in this way.”

“The department is looking at it, we’re aware of it, we’re following this through,” he said, adding that the supply chain safeguard system is working.

So, the chain safeguard system, which according to him is a system to ensure Australian animals are not treated in the way demonstrated in the video of Australian animals, is working, is currently working, despite the video being a recording of what is currently happening to Australian animals.

iraqinformationministerBarnaby Joyce is like the Iraqi minister of information during the second US invasion of Iraq, standing in front of a scene of giant plumes of smoke after missiles hit the city saying there is no current invasion happening.

Australia, this is the government YOU voted for. Fuck you.

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