Internet is monetising lies?

DianeI’m seeing this article everywhere today, especially in skeptic circles.  It seems like every man, woman, miscelaneous, and their dog in the skeptic circles I follow are sharing it and adding comment “I’M SMRTR THAN THAT AN U SHUL B TOO1~”.

Let me just remind you of a little saying that’s also popular in the skeptic circles.  “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. 

So someone had a little tiff on a flight with another passenger.  What’s so extraordinary about that exactly?  So someone livetweeted it.  What’s so extraordinary about that exactly?  This whole situation, show me what is so extraordinary about it?

If it was a news story about something that actually mattered, THEN there might be reason to look upon it with a more skeptical eye, but in this situation it was an entertaining story that hurt nobody and made no difference to anybody’s life whether true or not, so really, what difference does it make if true or not and really, who cares?

You using this story to bignote yourself?  You’re just being an ass, and it’s not flattering.  Just stop it.

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